Modeling approach

We will use an already existing model, which is the most detailed economic specification for the reindeer husbandry system to present date, as a starting point. The novelty of our model is a detailed age- and sex-structure of reindeer population, and it will be expanded to encompass the reindeer husbandry diversity within the three Fennoscandian countries.

Our comparisons of different productivity factors and income formation will include public policy actions like subsidies and incentives, which also differ between the countries. Within a climate change perspective, we aim to refine and develop our approach by adding stochastic winter and spring conditions to the existing model. We aim to parameterize and operationalize the model on a regional-scale enabling us to assessing the interaction between land use policy and climate, which again enable us to assess the optimal recovery from overgrazed pastures and the profitability and impact of supplementary feeding on the economic output.